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Nigam, Odisha


“Krishak Samriddhi” -An Income Enhancement Initiative:   A Pilot Project in Nischintakoili Block of Cuttack District, Odisha

Project Approach

It is imperative to address the prevailing rural distress and mitigating the problem of rural unemployment and underemployment. Fragmented holdings, land degradation, inadequate availability of certified seeds, inefficient water usage and imbalanced use of fertilizers add to the challenge. It has been envisaged by Prime Minister of India to shift focus from farm output to income of farmers and the need for an amalgam of good strategy, well-designed programmes, adequate resources and good governance in implementation to realize the envisaged outcome by 2022. The strategy through set of seven components in order to enhance the farmers’ income encompass the increase in area under irrigation, provision of quality seeds and nutrients based on soil health, reducing post-harvest losses through investment in warehousing and cold chains, food processing, creation of a national farm market, a new crop insurance scheme and promotion of ancillary activities such as poultry, beekeeping and fishery.

The most important component and catalyst of this strategy quartet is an effective agricultural extension network. Grounding the Extension Services on a pilot basis through engagement of Executing Entity could, inter alia, assist the farmer in getting the soil tested, help in procurement of certified seeds, advise on issues such as crop diversification, optimal use of fertilizers, efficient use of water and new agronomic practices, coping mechanism and also facilitate the availability of bank credit and increased coverage under the crop insurance scheme.

Focus on reducing input and cultivation costs, raising crop productivity, getting a better farm-gate price, crop diversification and promotion of ancillary activities. A robust-quality rural infrastructure is a critical enabler for achieving this outcome. Rural distress has assumed alarming proportions and the countryside is impatiently awaiting effective intervention to redeem the promise. 

In this context NABARD has taken an initiative to undertake Pilot Project in 7 States of the Country. In Odisha our Organisation NIGAM has been selected to implement the Pilot Project of Krishak Samridhi – An initiative to enhance Farmers income in 7 Villages of Nischintakoili Block in a Convergence mode with Govt. of Odisha & other independent Departments.


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